How to Tell if it is Time for a Foundation Inspection?

One of the hardest parts of homeownership is dealing with the issues you do not see coming. These issues include HVAC issues, a bad hot water heater, bad plumbing, a leaking roof, and more! However, one of the most expensive issues that we never see coming is foundation issues.

When to Call a Home Inspector

If you have noticed oddities in your home, but are unsure if it is a real problem, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your Palm Springs Home Inspection Company.

Foundation Crack in the brick of a house found by a Palm Springs Home Inspection Company

Cracks on Your Walls, Floors, and Ceilings – One of the first signs of foundations issues that most homeowners notice is cracks in exterior brick walls. While brick walls may be the easiest to notice, other areas to be on the lookout for are diagonal cracks on your interior walls and even in the ceilings. These cracks are caused by your foundation settling or sinking which causes your walls to become unlevel.

Sinking or Settling of Your Foundation – You may first notice sinking or settling with your home if you have ever noticed a grape fall on the floor and roll away. Sometimes this can be caused by the force of the fall, but other times this is caused by one side of the house sinking. While you may only notice it on one side, eventually all sides of your home will start to shift with the imbalance.

Raised Foundation – This usually affects the exterior walls and areas of your home. Moisture issues are the main cause of foundations to raise. This is due to the large amounts of moisture that sit underneath.

Sticking Doors or Doors that do Not Latch  – While we have all experienced doors that stick or that do not latch, most of the time this is caused by high humidity levels. However, if your doors stick even in try conditions, it could be caused by something more serious like a sinking foundation.

Gaps Around Window Frames and Doors – Just like your non-latching door, if there is an issue with your foundation this could cause your windows and to fail to fully shut. This could cause drafts and insects to enter your home.

And Much Much More

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