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Full Property Inspection
Full Property Inspection

As part of your Palm Desert Home Inspection, we will evaluate all the major elements of the home, including heating, cooling, structure, electrical, plumbing and more, so that you can make an informed home purchase decision.

Multi-Unit Inspection

A Multi-Unit Inspection is an inspection of a property that has two to four units. It is much like a regular Palm Desert Home Inspection, because every item in each unit is inspected. Having each unit inspected is very important because each unit can have unique problems. Let us at Home Sweet Home Inspections inspect your multi-family property to ensure that it is a great investment!

Common Ancillary
Common Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services are supplemental to a Palm Desert Home Inspection, they are not included in a General Home Inspection. Water Features, Pool & Spas, Mold air quality testing, Asbestos and Lead paint tests are all ancillaries we offer that you can add to your standard property inspection.

Common Ancillary Services Include
Pool & Spa Inspections

This inspection is a visual examination of the pool and spa and the proper operation of the equipment. The inspection includes the pool / spa decking, pool equipment, pump motor, bonding, grounding, pool/spa light, GFCI etc.

Person Hand Measuring The Wetness Off A Moldy Wall
Mold Sampling

Whether you are selling a home or commercial property, buying a home or commercial property, have potential health concerns due to mold exposure or are just looking for peace of mind Home Sweet Home Inspections is ready to provide the knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to get the job done. The importance of good indoor air quality has become more and more obvious in recent years, in large part due to how “tight” new homes are when it comes to air flow. Today’s homes are highly insulated and carefully air sealed, which is great for efficiency but can cause problems with indoor air pollution. Particulates like pollen, dust and other allergens can become trapped in the home and cause respiratory problems. Whether you would like a peace of mind test or if there is staining or evidence of moisture intrusion you have the option to add this service to your Palm Desert Home Inspection.

Asbestos Testing
Asbestos & Lead Testing

Asbestos was once a hugely popular insulating material, so homes built before the 1980s are prime candidates for having this material in at least part of the house. Asbestos testing requires sending samples to a lab and this service can be added to your standard Palm Desert Home Inspection. Many homes built before 1978 were painted with lead-based paint as it was commonly used during this time in both home construction as well as renovation and maintenance.Getting a professional lead-based paint inspection is the best way to ensure your new home has a “clean bill of health” before you commit to signing on that dotted line.