Palm Springs Asbestos Testing

Have you been considering Palm Springs Asbestos Testing, but you’re unsure whether your property is at risk of contamination? Asbestos can be hard to spot, making it especially difficult to know whether or not your home has been affected. But as dangerous as asbestos can be, testing is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from its harmful effects.

If you’d like to have your home tested for asbestos, contact the professionals at Home Sweet Home Inspections. Our experienced team of inspectors can test your home so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. To schedule an appointment, click the “Schedule” button at the top of our website, select a time, and provide us with a bit of information about your home.  

If you’re still not sure your home needs asbestos testing, keep reading; we put together this quick guide to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Asbestos? 

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in building insulation and other applications until recent decades. In its natural state, asbestos fibers are flexible and easily handled; when processed into building materials or construction products such as tiles or siding for a home, however, those flexible fibers become hardened and can present health risks if disturbed over time.

Once prized for its resistance to fire and heat, asbestos is now widely known as one of the most toxic materials ever used in construction. Asbestos-containing materials were banned by the EPA in 1989, but it can still be found in more than 30 million homes across the country, and many older homes may have been built with this potentially dangerous material without the homeowner’s knowledge. 

Why you should get Palm Springs Asbestos Testing

Though detecting asbestos without professional testing can be difficult, there are a few indications your home may have asbestos: 

  • Your home was built before the 1980sPalm Springs Asbestos Testing asbestos chrysotile fibers that cause lung disease, COPD, lung cancer, mesothelioma[/caption]
  • Your home contains vermiculite insulation
  • Your home has old vinyl flooring or millboard installed 
  • Your home has a corrugated roof
  • Your home contains an old-style cement water tank
  • The walls of your home were constructed from cement sheets
  • There’s discoloration around window frames or drywall joints
  • There’s crumbling between floor or ceiling tiles
  • There’s visible cracking in vinyl flooring 
  • There’s evidence of yellowing and browning ceiling tiles
  • You can see white powder residue on ducts and pipes
  • The siding of your home is cracked

Homeowners who suspect that they have asbestos should invest in Palm Springs Asbestos Testing, especially if they’re considering having work done on their home; if asbestos is present, an inexperienced contractor might accidentally cause airborne contamination as they’re completing their work.

Should I Have My Palm Springs Home Tested for Asbestos?

Anyone who has lived in or owns a home built before 1980 should consider having it tested for asbestos. At one time, asbestos was found in nearly every building material and furnishing on earth. While its use is now banned in many places and much of what once contained asbestos has been removed, traces still remain behind—especially in older buildings. All it takes is a single exposure for someone to develop mesothelioma decades later. Before taking any chances, learn more about Palm Springs asbestos testing options by speaking with a reputable company like Home Sweet Home Inspections.

Palm Springs Asbestos Testing Procedures

Part of what makes asbestos testing so confusing is that there are a number of different kinds of tests available. You can purchase home testing kits from a department store or online retailer, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) typically doesn’t recommend this route because it could put homeowners at risk. The EPA encourages homeowners to hire a testing firm, instead; this ensures the accuracy of the results and protects you from exposure to toxic particles. 

A professional inspection will likely include these five steps:

  1. Thoroughly inspecting high-risk areas
  2. Collecting samples of potential contaminants
  3. Sending samples to an authorized laboratory for testing
  4. Interpreting the results
  5. Reporting the results to the homeowner
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Professional asbestos testing will not only help give you peace of mind, but it may also save your life. If you’re considering asbestos testing for your Palm Springs home, contact the team at Home Sweet Home Inspections. You can set up an appointment through our website or contact us by calling 760-282-3534.