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Palm Springs Home Inspections from Home Sweet Home InspectionsProperty is a great investment, and right now the fight for a home is full of fierce competition. Many prospective buyers are waving things like home warranties and home inspections to give them a competitive edge. Although it might get you to close faster, passing on a home inspection only makes you vulnerable to issues that weren’t disclosed before you bought the house. If you’re not comfortable with purchasing a potentially problematic home, Palm Springs Home Inspections can give show you the bigger picture of issues you might deal with down the road.

Home Sweet Home Inspections have been helping homeowners find peace of mind and inspiring confidence in buyers and sellers since 2008. Don’t leave your home’s future up to fate, a home inspection can help you see what could happen in the future. Call Home Sweet Home Inspections today to see what could be in your home’s future.

5 Reasons To Have A Palm Springs Home Inspection

While you might be eager to wave the home inspection for a home that seems to have a lot of potential on the surface, it really should be your last resort. To make sure you know the full scope of what you’re buying is just one of our 5 reasons why you should have a Palm Springs Home Inspection done before you buy a home.

1) Uncover Safety Issues

Safety is the first priority for homeowners, especially those with young children. There’s a good chance that your home inspector will find a couple of issues with your potential new home, even if it is newly built.

Some common safety issues home inspectors tend to find are improper wiring, worn roofing, plumbing deficiencies, and inoperable windows. Some of these issues might not seem like a problem now, but if there was an emergency situation where you needed to escape through a window, but it won’t open, then it could be a problem.

2) Forecast Potential Future Expenses

Palm Desert Home Inspections - BarNot everything that your home inspector finds needs to be addressed immediately, but it might help forecast how long it will take before issues arise. You’ve spent a lot of money to pay for your home already, and some of these expenses might not be in your budget for some time.

Your home inspector will let inspect your roof and let you know its life expectancy. An inspection doesn’t stop with structural issues. Your Palm Springs Home Inspection will also include an assessment of windows, heating and air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing.

3) Relatively Inexpensive

When buying a house, there’s always more money to be spent during the process. Realtor fees, appraisal gaps, and other fees always seem to creep their way into your initial estimate. Once you’re ready to move into the home, you’ll probably want to do some basic updates like painting walls and having new carpeting installed.

In the grand scheme of things, a Palm Springs Home Inspection is relatively inexpensive. Since a home inspection can give you a better idea of what repairs are needed down the road, you can prepare yourself for your move by budgeting for these repairs in the future. If money is really a concern in your moving process, there are other ways you can save besides skipping the home inspection.

4) Leverage at the Negotiating Table

Palm Springs Home Inspections give you leverage during negotiations of your new propertyOne of the ways you can save money when purchasing a home is to negotiate with the seller based on issues the home inspector found. After the home inspection is complete, you will have an opportunity to request repairs from the homeowner. Without a home inspection, you will not have this opportunity. The buyer doesn’t have to agree to fix everything, but you can negotiate to have the seller fix some of your biggest issues with the home. Sometimes in lieu of making repairs, the seller will give the buyer money to have the buyer arrange for the repairs once they move in.

Following a home inspection, you will receive a report of the condition of the home. Some buyers love the idea of being able to address these issues themselves to make sure they’re fixed to how they want them, others are frightened by the amount of work needed to be done. If a home looks better than it did before the inspection, the inspection gives you an opportunity to opt-out of the purchase agreement.

5) Peace of Mind

Ultimately, you want to know that dwelling you just purchased is habitable and safe. A Palm Springs Home Inspection is meant to give you peace of mind, not scare you away. Once you get your home inspection report, you’ll be able to assess what is a major issue to you and what is simply cosmetic. You don’t have to demand that the buyer fixes everything if you don’t want to. A home inspection should give you confidence that buying this home was a correct choice and isn’t overwhelming in the long run. If you have issues with the house following the inspection, talk to your real estate agent and negotiate with the seller.

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Overall, a home inspection is well worth the cost. While you may consider dropping it to gain a competitive advantage, in the end, it usually isn’t worth it. Without an inspection done by a licensed home inspector, you cannot fully grasp the number of issues within the home. When you schedule a Palm Springs Home Inspection with Home Sweet Home Inspections, you’ll walk towards the negotiating table with confidence. We leave no stone unturned and in the end, you’ll gain the ability to make sure your new home is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Contact us today to schedule a home inspection.