Palm Springs Pool Inspections

Pools, everybody wants one but no one wants to take care of them. Pools come with lots of pieces and parts they require special attention as well as chemicals that need to be added to the water to keep it safe for swimmers. If you’re looking at buying a house with a pool for the first time, you might not know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why it’s so important to have a Palm Springs Pool Inspections done before you buy the house. A pool inspection can tell you more about the condition of the pool and its equipment.

Another thing that’s important to know: not all home inspection companies have pool inspectors. Make sure you pick a home inspector with the experience required to address all the issues of your new home. Home Sweet Home Inspections is a Palm Springs home inspection company that is certified to inspect pools, mold issues, and asbestos. These are especially good ideas if you’re purchasing an older home. Call Home Sweet Home Inspections today to learn more.

Why You Need A Home Inspector Qualified in Palm Spring Pool Inspections

Pools feature lots of components that make them run and work properly. Knowing the ins and outs of how a pool works is especially important if you’ve never owned a pool before. Your typical home inspection license does not include pools, so not every home inspector is qualified to inspect them. If there is an issue with your pool and your inspector does not find it because they weren’t qualified to perform Palm Springs Pool Inspections and someone gets hurt because of this issue, they’re not the only ones liable.

Most home inspectors have errors and omissions insurance to protect them in case they missed something. A bad inspector could be sued but will recover because of this insurance. But since you, most likely, do not carry this insurance, you could still be liable. Cover your home thoroughly by going through a professionally licensed pool inspector like Home Sweet Home Inspections.

What Is Looked At During Palm Springs Pool Inspections

A typical home inspection usually takes a few hours and is a very thorough process. Although your pool is much smaller, the inspection should still be just as thorough. Here are some typical things your inspector looks for when doing Palm Springs Pool Inspections.

1) Pool Safety – Pool inspectors want to make sure you have a fun time when you enjoy your pool. Making sure you have the proper safety equipment in place is essential to making sure no one gets hurt, or worse, drowns. Your inspector will check out your safety equipment like rails, locks on gates, handles. They may recommend purchasing shepherd’s hooks or pool alarms for additional safety.

A pool inspector will not make sure your outdoor space is in line with local laws as they relate to pools. Your pool inspector can be a good resource for you and may tell you the best websites to find your local laws as they relate to pool ownership.

2) Pool Interior – Like above-ground pools, many inground pools also have liners. A rip in your liner can be a costly repair. Your inspector will look for any rips, tears, or holes in the liner. Some pools have plaster or decorative title interiors that can still cause issues if not maintained properly. A pool inspector will let you know of any concerning issues with specific cracks or chips.

3) Pool Lighting – Most pools contain lights inside. Your pool inspector will test to make sure your lights work and that there is no moisture in the casing. This moisture could cause mold or mildew issues. Your inspector may even know what type of lightbulb you need when the time comes to replace your pool light.

4) Decking Around the Pool – Most pools have a pool deck of about 12-18 inches around the pool and are usually made of cement, brick, or natural stone. This is called “coping,” and Palm Spings Pool Inspections include this coping too. Your inspector will review any chips or cracks and notify you of any potential tripping hazards. If your coping extends beyond the pool, have that inspected as well. Make sure your inspector checks for proper drainage and any tilts or pitches in the decking.

5) Pool Pumps – Pool pumps are essential as they keep the water circulating throughout the pool and the other pieces of equipment. Pool pumps run on electricity, and we all know electricity and water don’t mix. This is the most essential part of Palm Springs Pool Inspections is to make sure everything is wired properly and there are no electrical issues around the pool.

6) Pool Filters – Pool filters are essential for keeping the pool clean and sanitized. Without a working filter, your pool can become a swamp very quickly. A pool inspector will make sure the filter is solidly in place and all the valves that lead to the filter function properly.

7) Pool Heater – Not all pools have heaters, but for those that do, it’s important to make sure they’re inspected. Pool heaters can run on gas or electricity. Making sure they’re connected correctly and wired properly is not a step that can be skipped.

8) Pool Accessories – Diving boards, slides, infinity edge, or a fountain are all neat accessories that can be added to a pool. Inspectors will also scrutinize these accessories for rust, deterioration, or sharp edges that could potentially cause injuries. Your pool inspector may recommend removing some of these accessories if they are potentially hazardous.

9) Functionality – Do all your switches work? Does your pool cover open and close properly? Does water flow from the jets correctly? All of these questions will be answered by the end of your Palm Springs Pool Inspections.

Not Included in Palm Springs Pool Inspections

Owning a pool is exciting. Once you take possession, it’s hard to not jump in right away. But it is important to know that pool inspections do not include water quality testing. You’ll need to consult with a local pool company to learn what chemicals you need to make sure the water in your pool is safe.

A pool inspector is not obligated to inspect your pool in the case of bad weather and may need to reschedule. Before your pool inspection, tell your inspector what accessories your pool has and ask what they will inspect. It’s important to know what to expect when you’re getting inspected to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Call Home Sweet Home Inspections For Your Palm Springs Pool Inspections

Once you have completed your Palm Spring Pool Inspections, you’re ready to start swimming! Give Home Sweet Home Inspections a call to learn more about what’s included in a pool inspection.