Palm Springs Roof Inspections

With over fifty years of combined construction experience, there is no question why homeowners keep choosing Home Sweet Home Inspections for their Palm Springs Roof Inspection. During our home inspections, we aim to educate our clients to make a well-informed decision when purchasing their new homes. 

What is a Palm Springs Roof Inspection?

During all our home inspections, our team of roofers will inspect the condition of your entire roof. Our inspectors will look at multiple aspects of your roof to make sure your investment is well made. Our team of inspectors will look at:

  1. Roof Shingles – The integrity of your shingles is one of the most important parts of a roof installation. When we inspect your roof, we will look at the quality of your shingles and whether there are any loose, cracked, missing, or buckling. We will also look at some of the less obvious signs that your roof is damaged like nails that are sideways and raising your shingles and nails that have backed out. 
  2. Roof Layers- In most areas, the maximum number of roofing layers you should have are two to three layers. If there are more than three layers, you may need to remove all layers prior to installing new shingles. Our team will look and make sure the problem is not bad enough to need all the layers removed and a replacement.
  3. Roof Decking – This is the framing of your roof, usually made from wooden boards. Your shingles and other roofing equipment are mounted to your roof decking. When we complete your Palm Springs Roof Inspection, we will be walking across your decking to be sure there are no soft or weak spots that may need to be replaced. We will also be checking for any nails that are coming out, which would compromise the effectiveness of your roof.
  4. Leaks / Water Stains – Just as it sounds, when we come to inspect your home we will look inside for any staining on your ceiling where water could be leaking through your roof. Once we can determine you have a leak, we will look for the root cause.
  5. Roof Vents and Attic Ventilation– The venting in your roof can be used for multiple purposes. What we are looking for is any obstructions to your vents. We will also check to make sure your venting has not pulled away from the roofing.
  6. Skylights and Roof Penetrations – A roof penetration is defined that is made in your roof to be able to install a piece of equipment like roof ventilation. 
  7. Roof Flashing- One part of a roof inspection that is important is looking at your roof flashing. Flashing is used to prevent water from coming into the openings of your roof where other equipment may be installed, such as your chimney, vents, and more. 
  8. Chimney- While a chimney can be considered a penetration, they have additional items that a contractor will want to thoroughly check out your chimney’s mortar, flashing, and chimney cap.
  9. Gutters- Part of your home Palm Springs Roof Inspection is having our contractors evaluate your gutters and downspout to be sure there are no open seams, cracks, standing water, or blockages. 

Benefits of a Roof InspectionPalm Springs Roof Inspection

When purchasing a home, it is important to find out if you are making a sound investment. While there are many items that make up a home inspection, it is good to look at the large ticket items and make sure they are functioning as they should. Part of our Palm Springs Roof Inspection services is making sure the quality of your roof is where it should be. If it is not, you might be able to negotiate a roof replacement from the sellers. On the other hand, if you know you are going to have to replace a $6,000 to $12,000 roof you may realize that you want to pass on this home. We want all our clients to know that we are looking out for their best interest in purchasing their new home.

Contact Us for Your Palm Springs Roof Inspection 

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or purchasing your third home, we want you to move into your new home without having to worry about its quality. Schedule your roof inspection with Home Sweet Home Inspections to make sure you are keeping your family safe. If you have questions about a roofing inspection or any of our home inspections, do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more today!