Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

Palm Desert Home Inspections - Graphic of Inside of House

This question comes up often during the home buying process. Most home buyers think that since they are getting an appraisal done on the house there is no need to also do a Home Inspection, but they couldn’t be more wrong!  A home appraisal must be completed when you are financing the home purchase, but […]

Are the cracks in my home cause for more serious concern?

If you notice a crack on the interior or exterior of your home it can be worrisome, but how do you know if that crack indicates a larger problem or if it is just unsightly and not cause for concern? It is essential to find out if the crack could be an easy fix with […]

How to Tell if it is Time for a Foundation Inspection?

One of the hardest parts of homeownership is dealing with the issues you do not see coming. These issues include HVAC issues, a bad hot water heater, bad plumbing, a leaking roof, and more! However, one of the most expensive issues that we never see coming is foundation issues. When to Call a Home Inspector […]