Common Electrical Mistakes Found During a Home Inspection

One or the most common items that we see in our inspections are issues with a home’s electrical wiring. This can be something as minor as needing a cover for a light bulb all the way to as major as replacing all of the boxes in your home. Here is a list of the most common issues we find with all of our homes and how to have a licensed electrician fix them.

8 Most Common Electrical Mistakes

  1. Unfilled Openings in Breaker Box – It is easy to see why this can be one of the largest mistakes with the electrical of your home. Without a cover, shocks and sparks can come out of your panel which could cause a house fire. A cover can also prevent pests from getting into the panel. It is easy to cover these gaps with the correct manufactured filler plates.
  2. Double Tapped Breakers Another big issues that we commonly find with the electrical panel is circuit breakers that have two wires connected. Most breakers are designed to support one wire. When this is over looked, there is a greater chance for fire due to loose connections and arcing currents.
  3. Exposed Bulbs in Closest – At this point most of us have seen a home that has an exposed light bulb in the closet, especially in older homes. In such a confined space, it is important to cover these bulbs to prevent fire hazards from overheating and sparking a fire where heat cannot escape.
  4. Too Few Boxes with Too Many Extension Cords- This one may be obvious to us all, but it is important to reduce then need for too many extension cords by having enough outlets per wall. In most instances, it is necessary to have a wall outlet every 12 feet from one another, unless it is due to a wall opening.
  5. Ungrounded Boxes- These boxes are easy to find as they only have two slots, and are missing the third grounding wire hole. To lessen the risk of fire, it is important to have any box with two slot replaced with a grounded box.
  6. Missing/Faulty GFI Outlets – GFI (ground fault interrupter) boxes are required when an electrical box is close to water. These are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and outdoors. These outlets are used to save you and your loved ones from possible electrocution. If you do not have these outlets near water sources, they will need to be replaced.
  7. Missing Smoke Alarms- With smoke alarms being so high up and only used when necessary, it is easy to miss whether your home has the proper amount or not. You should have a smoke alarm in every bedroom of the home as well as one on every floor. If there is not one in all of these locations, one should be added.
  8. Absence of Outlet Covers- Out let covers are on your switches, outlets, and junction boxes to keep the wiring protect you, your loved ones, and your animals from potential electrical shock. If your home does not have all necessary covers, it is important to have them installed immediately.

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